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Update for 05/13/2020

Please read this entire update as it contains information on church services (days and times) that are currently being offered as of 5/13/2020.

  1. Every Wednesday Night, we are doing an “Online” Bible Study at 7 pm ( The teachers and subjects will vary. If you miss the livestream, the teaching will be uploaded within a couple hours so that it can be viewed as a recording.

  2. Friday nights we are hosting a time of prayer in the main sanctuary. The service begins at 6 pm. Now more than any other time in our lifetimes, we need to be a people of prayer. This service will be for prayer only and will not include teaching or preaching. If you have a prayer need you can bring it with you to the meeting, send it in via the website “Prayer Request” link, Email, text, or you can call the church office, Robert, or Serena.

  3. IMPORTANT! Beginning May 17 we will be having three Sunday services.

    1. The 9 am service will not have any children’s services and should be a better service for our older congregants, or folks with health conditions. This service will be livestreamed, so if you are not comfortable being in a crowd, or your health precludes you getting out; please stay home and watch the livestream. If you miss the livestream at 9 am, it will be posted as a recording around 11:00 am. IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME!

    2. The 11 am service is for younger families, working folks, and people that do not mind being around others. It will include both Children’s Church, and Nursery. IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME!

    3. The 6 pm service will be a less formal service and allow for more interaction. It is call “Leftovers” because the subject is usually based on what may not have been covered during one of the AM services. This service will provide the greatest “distancing” possible as we will utilize both sides of the sanctuary, and there will be less people in attendance.

  1. At all services, we request that you avoid physical contact with others (to the extent that is feasible and reasonable). If just one person gives the virus to just one other person in our church, the tracking and tracing policies that are currently in effect will likely result in a number of people being asked to quarantine and our church services may be suspended by health officials. At this time it is not worth the risk. This is only temporary and I believe we will begin to get back to a more normal atmosphere very soon.

Our goal is to return to the times and services that we offered prior to the COVID-19 event, including Wednesday night services for children and adults, Sunday School, and only one Sunday morning service as soon as possible. Please be patient, and considerate of others during this time.

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