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May 3, 2020 Drive In Service 9:00 AM

A small army of people have come together to present the very special story of Passion Week. This service will start at 9:00 am because it is expected to get very hot that day… Please arrive early enough to be parked and settled before 9:00 am. Please dress for an outdoor service, not like you would for church. You are expected to remain in your vehicle, or close by it during the presentation. Sitting outside your vehicle will be fine if you bring a blanket of chairs. Please observe social distancing and greetings that require a handshake or hug. During this service we will receive an offering, and have communion. Please follow the instructions given to parking. Parking will be a particular challenge. While we will have a sound system set up, you will also be able to tune your FM radio to 99.5 to listen better. Restrooms will be available in the Sunday School Building. We will enter through the church parking lot and exit by driving next to the youth house. Once on Edwards you may turn left or right to get back to Joel Blvd.

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