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  • R. Roper

May 10, 2020 First Service in the Sanctuary at 10:00 am.

We are very excited to begin meeting together as a church once again. Based on all available guidance we are receiving from reputable Christian organizations (in addition to CDC and State Resolutions) we are asking that you that you try to practice social distancing in the church. This includes not greeting one another by shaking hands or hugging. You may wear a mask but it is not required nor is it expected. Because it is Mother’s Day, and our first day back, it will not likely be possible to seat everyone in the sanctuary. If you are not comfortable in the sanctuary or when you arrive, there is not room for you, please go to the fellowship hall. Sean and Elisabeth will be hosting church there and you will see everything that is going on live on the big screen. The fellowship hall floor area is much larger, and you can sit where ever you feel most comfortable. We will use the service on May 10 to inform and organize the next service.

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