Here at the First Baptist Church of Alva we  strive to remain true to GOD's WORD.  We carefully examine the Scriptures and encourage members to do the same. Below you will find 19 foundational beliefs of our Church. If you have any questions or feel you would like clarification on any of these, please feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" page, or call the Church or Pastor directly.

1. We hold the Scriptures to be divinely inspired and therefore authoritative, final and certain for all purposes.

2. We hold that GOD is the Supreme, Perfect, Personal Spirit, who exists and reveals Himself as GOD the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

3. The fall of Adam corrupted the race so that all men, by nature are sinners and therefore in need of personal salvation.

4. Salvation from sin is wrought by the grace of GOD through the mediatorial work of CHRIST, and is appropriated by the individual by his personal faith in CHRIST as SAVIOUR and LORD.

5.Justification is bestowed by CHRIST on all who believe on Him, and consists of the establishment of right relations with GOD by the imputation of CHRIST's righteousness to the believer.

6. The blessings of salvation by CHRIST are free to all.

7. In order to be saved, one must be regenerated (or born again) by the Holy Spirit and the Word of GOD, in which the inward man is renewed in the likeness of GOD in CHRIST.

8. Repentance and faith are duties and graces brought by the Holy Spirit, whereby convicted of guilt and helplessness, one turns to GOD with contrition and relies on CHRIST as the only and sufficient SAVIOUR.

9. GOD elects to salvation those believing  comprehending the means along with the end, but leaving man free, yet so as to ground one's salvation in the purpose of GOD.

10. Sanctification is the process by which the believer is made partaker of GOD's holiness.

11. Only such as true believers who endure unto the end; these "kept by the power of GOD through faith unto salvation."

12. The law of GOD is the rule of His moral government; man's inability to fulfill its precepts is due to man's sinfulness; and the believer is restored to obedience by CHRIST.

13. A Gospel church is a company of baptized believers in CHRIST who have voluntarily banded together for the observance of the ordinances, the edification of the members, and the propagation of the Gospel.

14. Baptism is the immersion in water of a believer in CHRIST to show forth the experience of the believer and the death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST.  The LORD's Supper, following baptism, commemorates the death of CHRIST by the use of bread and wine.

15. The first day of the week is the LORD's Day and is to be devoted to worship and the doing of good.

16. Civil government is of divine appointment, for the good of society, and therefore officers are to be prayed for, honored, and obeyed in all things not opposed to the will of CHRIST.

17. There is a radical and essential difference between the righteous and the wicked; such as are justified by CHRIST and sanctified by the Holy Spirit are fully righteous in GOD's sight; all others as continued in impenitence and unbelief are in His sight wicked; this distinction holds after death.

18. The second advent of CHRIST, the resurrection of the body, a final judgment, and the final fixation of men in Heaven or Hell on principles of righteousness are held by Baptists.

19. We believe in the fullness of the Holy Spirit or indument with power with one or all of the manifestations of I Corinthians Chapter 12.