The Jewish Temple… Yesterday and Tomorrow - Sunday, 4/23 10am

The Jewish Temple – the center of Jewish worship in centuries gone by – no longer exists today on Israel’s Temple Mount, but the Bible clearly teaches a Temple will rise again. Christians do not need a Temple for worship, and yet the Bible says a Temple will be built. This Sunday, we’ll look at its history and its probable future location, based upon prophetic Scriptures and the Talmudic traditional writings of the Jews.

Our speaker, Michael F. Ufferman, Pastor,  has been in ministry with Zion's Hope in Winter Garden, FL since February 2001 and currently is the Communications Manager as well as a Bible teacher & Zion’s Fire magazine author. 

Pastor Ufferman former served as pastor of Rosemont Baptist Church in Orlando, FL (North end of John Young Pkwy), for 8 years, as well as pastor of Azorean Baptist Church in the Azores Archipelago on the island of Terceira for 3 years. He has served the United States of America as Master Sergeant, US Air Force, Retired, 21 years.

Brother Ufferman was saved, May 31, 1981 – First Baptist Church of Balboa, Republic of Panama.

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