Q.  What are your service times?

A: On Sunday we have two services and Sunday School.  Our Sunday School is from 9:00 to 9:45 am and we have classes for all ages.  Our main church service begins at 10:00 am.  During our main service we have Children's Church .  On Wednesday night beginning at 7:00 pm we have a Bible Study and Prayer meeting for adults, while children and teen meet for classes.

Q: Do you have child care during your services?

A: We view the attendance of children as a very important part of our ministry.  We offer services for children to age 12 on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  Currently we do not have any services for Children on Sunday night but will address this as the need arises.  

Q: What is your denomination?

A: We are currently associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and are a member of the Royal Palm Baptist Association. We like to think ourselves as a Bible believing Church.  The best way to get to know what we believe is to simply attend some of our services.  You can also look at the "What We Believe" page of this web site for more specific information.  We are traditional in many points yet remain open to the work of the Holy Spirit during our services.  

Q: What type of worship service to you have?

A: Our form of worship is a mixture of modern choruses and traditional hymns. Whether modern or traditional we love to worship the LORD. It would not be unusual for folks to clap, raise their hands or even wave flags or banners as a part of our worship service.